BE@RBRICK BAPE® × M / mika ninagawa

女性写真家、映像監督としてのみならず幅広いジャンルにて多彩な活躍をしている蜷川実花、「BAPE®(ベイプ)」こと「A BATHING APE®(ア ベイシング エイプ®)」、そしてBE@RBRICKのトリプルコラボレーションが実現。

M / mika ninagawa, a brand directed by acclaimed photographer and film director Mika Ninagawa, is teaming up with A BATHING APE® (also known as BAPE®) for the iconic shark hoodie, BABY MILO® integrated apparel and with BE@R BRICK, a bear figure in kubrick design produced by MEDICOM TOY.