全ての「BUSY WORKING LADY」に向けた、コンテンポラリーでハイスペックなウエアを展開するBAPY BY A BATHING APEⓇ。 今季展開する2019秋冬コレクションは、プレッピールックとカレッジスタイルにインスパイアされた「リマスタード・プレップ」をテーマに、トレンドに敏感なキャリアウーマンの感性を刺激する、女性らしい遊び心を加えた、こだわりのコレクション。

2001年にA BATHING APEⓇのレディースラインとして誕生し、日本とパリのスタイルを組み合わせたコンテンポラリーなウエアを提案するBAPY BY A BATHING APE®。

今季登場する2019年秋冬コレクションは、90年代のプレッピールックと2000年代始めに進化したカレッジスタイルのノスタルジックでレトロなディテールにインスパイアされた「リマスタード・プレップ」をテーマにコレクションを展開。トレンドに敏感なキャリアウーマンを刺激する今までにないアプローチとして、生地にシャープで繊細なディテールを織り交ぜ「fresh back to school look」にブラッシュアップ。




Founded in 2001, BAPY BY A BATHING APE® harmonically marries its Japanese heritage with touches of Parisian chic, creating modern silhouettes for every Busy Working Lady with its unique aesthetic. Following its relaunch in 2018, BAPY® now explores contemporary clothing with a fresh interpretation and international vision.

Differentiating itself from the rest of the A BATHING APE® family, the womenswear label delivers a full range of apparels and accessories with utmost attention to details and quality craftsmanship. Each design embodies practicality as well as the label’s young and edgy flair. The label’s signature coral pink shade, BAPY® Pink, captures and blends its feminine essence with youthful and urban spirit.

The FW19 collection - “Re-Mastered Prep” is inspired by the ‘90’s preppy look and the early ’00s evolving collegiate style, particular on their nostalgic, retro details.

Reinvigorated for a “fresh back-to –school look” by mixing up fabrics with sharp, subtle detailing using a subversive approach to tailoring for the young, energetic career woman.

The collection of modern silhouettes in blazers and woven dresses are redesigned and highlights the new cuts. The printed chiffon shirt adds a layered perspective to inject a little feminine element into the collection. Denim items such as mid-length skirts and truck coats with thick twill wash effect, adding a playful yet stylish touch to the collection.

Trendy sweatshirts and casual sweatshirts are designed in a college style, with varsity-inspired graphics and statement logos.

In addition to the usual cool colors in autumn and winter, the collection also includes special colors such as the campus blues, vibrant purple and red. The eye-catching neon colors and soft tones echo each other.

Accessories and jewellery are minimal yet luxurious throughout.

BAPY® FW19 Collection provides young professional women with the necessary personality to cultivate individuality and highlight personal style.



ブランド名 / Brand name:BAPY BY A BATHING APE® (ベイピー バイ ア ベイシング エイプ®)
店舗名 / Store name:BAPY® HARAJUKU STORE
住所 / Address:〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前4-21-5
ZIP 150-0001
電話番号 / Tel:03-5474-8869
営業時間 / Business hours:11:00 ~ 20:00

BAPY®️ FW19 Collection