mastermind VS BAPE® BE@RBRICK 1000%

 A BATHING APE®は、日本が世界に誇るトイ・ブランド「メディコム・トイ」、世界中にファンを持ち、上質なファブリックやMADE IN JAPANへのこだわりでストリートシーンを魅了してきた「mastermind」とコラボレーションし、1000%サイズ(全高約700mm)の「mastermind VS BAPE®  



A BATHING APE® has collaborated with Japan's world-famous toy brand Medicom Toy, and mastermind, which has fans all over the world and has been attracting the street scene with its high quality fabrics and commitment to MADE IN JAPAN. The triple collaboration will feature A 1000% BE@RBRICK named mastermind VS BAPE®" (700mm in height).  



BAPE®オリジナルカモである1ST CAMOに「クロスボーン」を落とし込んだデザインは、本コラボレーションでしか見られない特別仕様。


本コレクションは2021年7月17日(土)にBAPE.COM WEB STORE及び、メディコム・トイ直営店舗、オンラインストア各店にて数量限定で発売。


The graphic with mastermind's brand icon "Crossbones" and BAPE®'s symbolic shark motif makes a striking impact.

The design of the "Crossbones" on the BAPE® 1ST CAMO is a special specification that can only be seen in this collaboration.

This is a must-have for fans of both brands, as it is filled with their individuality and identity down to the last detail.

This collection will go on sale on July 17th (Sat), 2021 at BAPE.COM WEB STORE, Medicom Toy stores, and online stores in limited quantities.

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