A BATHING APE®︎ことBAPE®︎は、DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA の10周年を記念し、スペシャルデザインのシャークフーディを発売します。


A BATHING APE®︎ is celebrating the 10th anniversary of DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA with a limited-edition Shark hoodie.



¥137,500- (税込)


The design uses black and gray colors for a chic look. The "2022" font on the front is embellished with rhinestones and a commemorative graphic design is printed on the back.

さらに両袖にはDOVER STREET MARKET GINZAが歩んできた年数がプリントされている、特別仕様の1着。10周年にかけて、限定10着生産の貴重な記念アイテムとなっています。

In addition, both sleeves are printed with the number of years that DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA has been in business, making this a special edition garment.

This precious commemorative item is produced in a limited number of 10 pieces for the 10th anniversary.



The item comes in a special package.

The card included in the package is numbered which has luxurious and special specifications, making it a perfect item to commemorate the 10th anniversary.


本アイテムはDOVER STREET MARKET GINZAにて2022年10月29日(土)12:00より限定発売。

*10月29日(土)、DOVER STREET MARKET GINZAは12:00~20:00の営業となります。

The limited-edition Shark hoodie will be available exclusively at BAPE STORE® DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA from Saturday, November 29th, 12:00 noon.

*DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA will be open from 12:00 to 20:00 on Saturday, October 29.


同日、DOVER STREET MARKET GINZAの6Fでは、川久保玲氏がデザインしたTシャツのボディを、さまざまなブランドがカスタマイズした、「DSMG10周年カスタマイズTシャツ」も発売されます。


On the same day “DSMG 10th Anniversary Customized T-shirts,” in which various brands have customized the body of a T-shirt designed by Rei Kawakubo, will be released on the 6th floor of DOVER STREET MARKET GINZA.

BAPE®︎ designed T-shirts will also be available, so don't miss out on those too!