A BATHING APE® x adidas Originals

A BATHING APE® (アベイシングエイプ®)は、21SSコレクション以来となるadidas Originals (アディダスオリジナルス)とのタッグを発表します。


「SUPERSTAR 80s」のコラボレーションモデル第三弾となる「SS80S BAPE®️」を2022年11月10日(木)よりBAPE.COM WEB STORE、A BATHING APE®️正規取り扱い店舗及び、アディダスオリジナルスフラッグシップストアにて一般発売いたします。


A BATHING APE® is pleased to announce its collaboration with adidas Originals once again since the 21SS collection.


"SS80S BAPE®️", the third collaboration model of "SUPERSTAR 80s", will be available at BAPE.COM WEB STORE, A BATHING APE®️ authorized stores, and adidas Originals flagship stores starting November 10th (Thu), 2022.

本作は、adidas Originalsのアイコニックなモデル「SUPERSTAR80s」をベースに、BAPE®シグネチャーの「STA」とadidas Originalsのスリーストライプスを左右非対称に落とし込んでいます。


ヒールにはBAPE STA™のロゴとadidas Originalsのトレフォイルロゴを配しています。


Based on adidas Originals' iconic "SUPERSTAR80s" model, the new model features the BAPE® signature "STA" and adidas Originals' three stripes in an asymmetrical design.


The heel features the BAPE STA™ logo and the adidas Originals trefoil logo.



「BAPE®」と「adidas Originals」の魅力を最大限に引き出し両立させた本作は、ABCCAMO、グリーンのスペシャルシューズボックスで展開します。


The logos of both brands on the shoe tongue and the lacing charms are in gold color, accenting the classic black body. With color scheme typical of a collaboration between both brands and is sure to be a hit with fans of both brands.


The new BAPE® and adidas Originals shoes will be available in a special ABC CAMO, green shoe box.

MENS:¥20,900- (税込)
LADIES':¥20,900- (税込)

A BATHING APE® x adidas Originals
SUPERSTAR 80S 店頭抽選について

BAPE STORE®︎ 原宿、渋谷、BAPECLUSIVE™青山は入店の順番を決める抽選を発売日当日午前10時30分より行います。


A BATHING APE® x adidas Originals
SUPERSTAR 80S About the store lottery

A lottery will be held to determine the order of customers' entering the store at 10:30 a.m. on the launch date of the following stores: BAPE STORE® Harajuku, Shibuya, and BAPEXCLUSIVE™ Aoyama.

* For other stores, please ask directly at the store.



Customers who arrive after the selection time will not be allowed, for any reason, to enter the selection.

(For other stores, please ask directly at the store.)

*Only limited numbers are available, so you may be unable to purchase the product even after queuing.

*In the case of queues, lotteries will be held to decide the order in which people can enter the store. (This is not a guarantee of the right to purchase.)
*Do not queue during the night or early in the morning, since this causes inconvenience to neighboring stores and residents.

*Any behavior causing inconvenience to residents, other stores, or other customers, or attempts to jump the queue, may lead to a sale of the product being discontinued immediately. Customers who fail to follow directions given by our staff will not receive tickets for the lottery or be allowed to purchase the product.

*Sales will be refused to anyone caught offering money or goods to other customers or trying to sell or otherwise promote their own products, etc. to other customers inside or outside the store.

*Buyers must pay with their own money.

*Payments on behalf of groups will not be accepted.

*Be sure to wear a mask before participating in the lottery to prevent infectious diseases. We also ask for your cooperation in having your temperature checked and disinfecting your hands with alcohol.