BAPE® x Mitchell & Ness

  MLBやNBAなど、プロスポーツの公式ユニフォームを手がける「MITCHELL&NESS」とA BATHING APE®のコラボレーションが再び実現。BAPE STORE®が存在するニューヨークとロサンゼルスの4チーム、アメリカンリーグのニューヨークヤンキース、ロサンゼルスエンジェルス、ナショナルリーグのニューヨークメッツ、ロサンゼルスドジャースをフィーチャーしたMLBカプセルコレクションをリリースします。ボディにはBAPE® CAMOをあしらい、APE HEADを加えデザインしたBAPE®、MLBどちらのファンも垂涎ものの仕上がりになっています。 9月28日(土)にBAPE STORE® NEW YORKとBAPE STORE® LOS ANGELESおよびUS.BAPE.COM WEB STOREで先行発売。10月5日(土)にその他のBAPE STORE® およびBAPE.COM WEB STORE、ZOZOTOWNにて発売。

  尚、BAPE STORE® LOS ANGELESではロサンゼルスエンジェルス商品とロサンゼルスドジャース商品のみの取り扱い、BAPE STORE® NEW YORKではニューヨークヤンキース商品とニューヨークメッツ商品のみの取り扱いとなります。

BAPE® and Mitchell & Ness are working together again to release an MLB capsule collection that features the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Angels from the American League and the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers from the National League. These four teams were chosen to celebrate our BAPE store communities in New York and Los Angeles and to nod to the camaraderie and rivalry between the two cities.

The BAPE® x Mitchell & Ness collection will be pre-released at BAPE STORE® NEW YORK, BAPE STORE® LOS ANGELES and US.BAPE.COM WEB STORE on Saturday, September 28th. It will be available globally at A BATHING APE® locations, BAPE.COM WEB STORE and ZOZOTOWN on Saturday, October 5th.

In the U.S., the Los Angeles Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers items will be available in the BAPE STORE® LOS ANGELES. The New York Yankees and New York Mets items will be available in the BAPE STORE® NEW YORK. All items will be available on US.BAPE.COM WEBSTORE.

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*BAPE STORE®渋谷、原宿、BAPEXCLUSIVE™青山は入店の順番を決める抽選を発売日当日午前10時00分より行います。抽選時間以降にお越しになられたお客様は、いかなる理由でも抽選対象外となりますのでご注意ください。(その他の店舗に関しては、各店舗までお問い合わせください。)

*A lottery will be held to determine the order of customers' entering the store at 10:00 a.m. on the launch date of the store: BAPE STORE® SHIBUYA, HARAJUKU, BAPEXCLUSIVE™ Aoyama.
Customers who arrive after the selection time will not be allowed, for any reason, to enter the selection. Note: For other stores, please ask directly at the store.
*Only limited numbers are available, so you may be unable to purchase the product even after queuing.
*In the case of queues, lotteries will be held to decide the order in which people can enter the store. (This is not a guarantee of the right to purchase.)
*Do not queue during the night or early in the morning, since this causes inconvenience to neighboring stores and residents.
*Any behavior causing inconvenience to local residents, other stores, or other customers, or attempts to jump the queue, may lead to sale of the product being discontinued immediately. Customers who fail to follow directions given by our staff will not receive tickets for the lottery or be allowed to purchase the product.
*Sales will be refused to anyone caught offering money or goods to other customers, or trying to sell or otherwise promote their own products, etc. to other customers inside or outside the store.
*Buyers must pay with their own money.
*Payments on behalf of groups will not be accepted.