「GOD SELECTION XXX(ゴッドセレクション トリプルエックス)」と「A BATHING APE®」とのコラボコレクションが12月14日(土)に中国、香港、台北にて限定リリース。今回のコラボでは、エイプヘッドやシャーク、ベイビーマイロにベイプオリジナルカモ柄など、BAPE®を象徴するアイコニックなデザインに” XXX”のロゴをあらゆる切り口や今までにない発想でグラフィティのように落とし込み、ストリートアートなデザインに昇華。日本生まれで世界で活躍する両者が表現する、ストリートカルチャーとアートとファッションが交差した本コレクションに注目して欲しい。

“GOD SELECTION XXX (God Selection Triple X)” was established in 2013 in Tokyo with the tagline, “Ainʼt no fake, Ainʼt no Parody. This is fxxxing ART”. The brand gained recognition for designs that artistically arranges various genres of people, stimulating the imagination of the viewers. The collaborative collection of “GOD SELECTION XXX” and “A BATHING APE®︎” will be released exclusively in China, Hong Kong and Taipei on Saturday, December 14th. For the collaboration, the iconic design motifs that symbolizes BAPE®︎, such as the ape head, shark, Baby Milo®, and the original camo pattern are integrated with the “XXX” logo and unprecedented graphics like street art graffiti design. “GOD SELECTION XXX”, creator of iconic T-shirts is releasing a wider range of items from hoodies and jackets to caps for this collaboration. You canʼt miss this collaboration that crosses street culture, art and fashion, expressed by the two Japanese-born brands.